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Biologics News

  • CFDA approves peripheral T-cell lymphoma drug

    Biologics |  Regulatory | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 12 Jan, 2015

    ‎Singapore: Chinese Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) has approved Chidamide (Epidaza), an orally administrated and subtype-selective histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitor for relaps...Read more

  • Austrianova's encapsulated cell to treat pancreatic cancer

    Biologics |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 14 Aug, 2014

    Singapore: Singapore-based Austrianova's encapsulated cell technology has demonstrated to treat pancreatic cancer in a phase 2 study, according to a paper published in Biotech Journal Pharm...Read more

  • New testing kit fast tracks Ebola diagnosis

    Biologics |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 03 Sep, 2014

    Singapore: Japanese researchers at the Nagasaki University announced that they have developed a new diagnostic technique that can detect the deadly Ebola virus infection in 30 minutes. This...Read more

  • Implantable device to regulate insulin in Diabetics

    Biologics |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 13 Aug, 2014

    Singapore: In a bid to provide relief to the millions of insulin injecting patients, bioengineers from Basel have developed new implantable device that can monitor acid build-up in diabetic...Read more

  • Dr Gautam Daftary: The Indian biologics pioneer

    Biologics |  Influencers | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 14 Feb, 2013

    Indian company Bharat Serums and Vaccines boasts of a product portfolio that includes many firsts in India and the world and has carved out a prominent space in the world of biologicals and...Read more

  • China Biologic raises equity share to 76%

    Biologics |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 09 Sep, 2014

    Singapore: China Biologic Products has acquired an additional 19.84 percent equity interest in Guizhou Taibang Biological Products, raising shares from 56.39 percent to 76.23 percent. Chin...Read more

  • German, Korean firm join hands to discover cancer drugs

    Biologics |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 04 Jun, 2015

    Singapore: Germany's translational drug discovery organization, Lead Discovery Center (LDC), has entered into a licence deal with Korea's Qurient for exclusive worldwide rights to a series ...Read more

  • Lonza to invest $15 mn in antibody manufacturing

    Biologics |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 24 Jan, 2013

    Singapore: Lonza plans to invest $15.07 million (S$18.5 million) to expand its antibody drug conjugate (ADC) manufacturing capacity in Switzerland. Oncology therapeutics, including ADCs, re...Read more

  • WuXi AppTec invests $120mn to build new biologics facility

    Biologics |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 11 Jan, 2016

    Singapore: WuXi AppTec has started construction of an integrated biologics solution center at the company's headquarters in Shanghai with a total investment plans of $120 million. The faci...Read more

  • Aussie firm's new breakthrough in bladder cancer

    Biologics |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 10 Jan, 2015

    Singapore: Australia-based startup company Sienna Cancer Diagnostics, has inked a pact with an American pathology company, Bostwick Laboratories, to commercialize world's first bladder canc...Read more

  • Austrianova inaugurates its Thailand facility

    Biologics |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 15 Dec, 2014

    Singapore: Austrianova, a Singapore-based cell-encapsulation company recently announced the opening of its manufacturing facility at Thailand Science Park, Bangkok. The inauguration ceremon...Read more

  • Israel firm gets US, China patent for neuro-peptide

    Biologics |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 31 Oct, 2013

    Singapore: Israel-based D-Pharm has recieved new patent in the US and China, related to composition and use of THR-18, a synthetic therapeutic peptide, in thromboembolic diseases and pathol...Read more

  • Singapore scientists find new clues on cervical cancer

    Biologics |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 09 Dec, 2015

    Singapore: A team of scientists from Cancer Science Institute of Singapore (CSI Singapore) at the National University of Singapore (NUS) has uncovered new molecular interactions involved in...Read more

  • 3SBio to develop antibody for acute leukemia

    Biologics |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 08 Aug, 2014

    Singapore: Chinese biotechnology firm, 3SBio, has signed an exclusive license with Korean firm, DiNonA  for the development, manufacturing and marketing of Leukotuximab. It is an anti JL-1...Read more

  • Detect drug resistant TB in a jiffy

    Biologics |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 25 Sep, 2014

    Singapore: Soon, a simple breath test will detect whether a person is infected with a drug resistant tuberculosis strain or the normal strain. Scientists at the University of New Mexico, Al...Read more

  • Breast cancer boasts of highest drug pipeline'

    Biologics |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 08 Sep, 2014

    Singapore: Breast cancer therapeutics pipeline has higher innovation in first-in-class molecules, with many new technologies holding the potential to transform the clinical and commercial t...Read more

  • AbbVie aquires API manufacturing firm in Singapore

    Biologics |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 25 Nov, 2014

    Singapore: AbbVie, a global, research-based biopharmaceutical company formed in 2013 following separation from Abbott, has acquired a small molecule active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) m...Read more

  • Test to detect bird flu mutants

    Biologics |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 03 Nov, 2014

    Singapore: Australian scientists have developed a new test that can detect bird flu mutation by distinguishing between birds that have been vaccinated against the H5N1 strain of influenza v...Read more



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