Tuesday, 29 November 2022

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Invincible Diabetes Turns APAC Into Pharma Goldmine 

There are over 235 million diabetic patients in Asia. China and India account for almost half of the world’s diabetic population. By 2030, without intervention, both China and India combined will have nearly half a billion diabetics. These are grim figures but for pharma firms, they represent a huge opportunity, and big pharma firms are spending billions in search of the next blockbuster drug for diabetes,according to the estimates from Singapore-based Asian Diabetes Prevention Initiative (ADPI). The diabetes care drugs market is highly fragmented in Asia Pacific (APAC) region with a few major manufacturers gaining presence in major countries of the APAC market, while the remaining market comprises other local or regionspecific manufacturers. Mergers and acquisitions that happened between players in the recent past helped companies strengthen their market presence, as well as drive innovations, helping the diabetes drugs market to increase in the APAC region. Let’s look at who owns the more significant piece of the pie and the competitive landscape of diabetes treatment in the region.

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