Thursday, 22 February 2024

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Next-Gen ADCs as Precision Weapon Against Cancer
Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs) are emerging as a crucial frontier in targeted cancer care. Although the first ADC was approved in 2000, the space has experienced a renaissance in recent times. Major pharmaceutical players like Novartis and Pfizer, including startups, are announcing deals in this space almost every day. Within the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, China stands at the forefront of ADC drug development. GlobalData reports that numerous domestic companies in China are actively shifting their focus towards the creation of pioneering ADC-based treatment options, particularly for solid tumours like breast, gastric, and bladder cancer. When we observe World Cancer Day on February 4, we explore the promising world of next-gen ADCs, exploring advancements and unravelling the advantages they offer compared to other therapies like cell and gene therapies.

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