Monday, 03 October 2022

Looking for a new source of Protein A resin?

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Interested in switching to a new Protein A resin?

ThermoScientific MabCaptureC Affinity Matrix is your protein A resin of choice for efficient process scale purification of monoclonal antibodies. This new solution contains an engineered, in house produced Protein A ligand that delivers excellent performance. Suitable for clinical and commercial manufacturing, this resin will help you to secure your antibody purification process.

Why choose MabCaptureC™ Affinity Matrix?

  • In-house produced, Protein A ligand
  • Easy switch - full evaluation support
  • Scalable - ready for use in commercial manufacturing

Features and benefits:

  • Highly cross-linked agarose backbone improving pressure-flow characteristics (Preasto® jetted technology)
  • High dynamic binding capacity - >50 g/L at 4.8 min residence time.
  • Excellent alkaline stability (0.2 M NaOH >100 cycles)

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