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Japanese Beta Glucan recommended for clinical trial in COVID-19 patients

29 July 2020 | News | By BioSpectrum Infomercial

Immuno-modulatory effects of AFO-202 Nichi-Glucan makes it unique

A unique Beta 1,3-1,6 Glucan produced by the AFO-202 strain of a black yeast Aureobasidium pullulans is worth considering for a clinical trial in COVID-19 patients, according to Mr Takashi Onaka, President, Sophy, Inc.

Approved as a food additive by the Japanese Government in 1996, it has both immune enhancing properties to tackle invading pathogens, and immune modulating ability to control hyper inflammation, this has been published in the journal Frontiers in Immunology


Cytotoxicity or strength of immune cells called Natural Killer (NK) cells has increased in healthy individuals, elderly people and also cancer patients after consumption of the Beta Glucan food supplement in studies conducted by institutes in Japan and exported overseas as Nichi Glucan ( Nichi Glucan is being consumed regularly along with food in Japan by people of all ages since 1996 and has been found to have beneficial effects in general health & wellbeing and in those with lifestyle related health concerns ( 

While the immune boosting effect is of importance to tackle viral infections in general, Nichi Glucan has also proven to be downregulating markers responsible for hyperinflammation in basic studies. Such hyper-inflammation is responsible for the cytokine storm in COVID-19 patients which leads to organ damage and mortality. The review paper has analysed the intricacies of immune enhancement and immune-modulation in people with comorbidities when infected with COVID-19.

Without a definite vaccine or therapy yet available for COVID-19, Nichi Glucan is worth being considered for a trial, especially for those with co-morbidities like Diabetes, Chronic Kidney disease, hypertension, cardiac diseases and those in an immunocompromised status who are considered as high risk of mortality due to COVID-19.

Pregnant women have been consuming Nichi Glucan in Japan since its approval as a food additive after clearing all safety compliances as per Japanese standards according to Mr Onaka. He also added that they are gathering more data on Clinical evidences of an enhanced variant of Nichi Glucan having higher adhesion, yielding a much intense immune boosting and balancing effect, in collaboration with Dr. Nobunao Ikewaki, a pioneer in Beta Glucan research. 

Nichi Glucan is manufactured in a GMP certified facility in Kochi Prefecture in Japan on the banks of Niyodo river whose clear pristine waters are a major component of the broth used to culture this black yeast, yielding this unique product. The unique advantages of Nichi Glucan are due to its purity by virtue of being secreted as an exopolysaccharide by the Black yeast without the need for processes like extraction and purification that may compromise the purity.  The method of production of Nichi Glucan in such pure form is probably responsible for such advantageous health benefits according to Mr. John Victor -Consultant. 

The structural formula of this product is very unique, though it shares same chemical formula with other yeast or mushroom derived Beta 1,3-1,6 Glucans. Apart from planning clinical trials of Nichi Glucan in Covid-19 patients in different locations, GN Corporation has also started a pilot study in Japan in healthy male volunteers in the age group of 40~60 to confirm the additional benefits of an improvised form of Nichi Glucan which could either directly or indirectly be of relevance to prophylaxis against viral infections. 

GN Corporation is the exclusive worldwide exporter of the product from Japan, the product is available for purchase from and in India through Amazon. 

The Nichi-Glucan is a food supplement approved in Japan and is neither a drug, nor remedy or cure to any illness. Those under any medication or otherwise may consult their physician for clarifications before consumption. The product image and labelling information are provided based on Japanese regulations. Regulations for importing for personal use may vary between countries.

For queries please write to Mr. John Victor -

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