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BioSpectrum Asia Editorial Calendar 2022

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January 2022: Vision & Mission Singapore
  Leveraging investment and expediting innovations in Asian healthcare ecosystem  
  Identifying investors & stakeholder opportunities in emerging Asian Bio-pharma market  
  Advancing medical devices from bench to bed side and regulatory challenges involved  
  Should Bio-pharma companies cooperate for IP protection waiver for propriety medicines during a pandemic?  
  Mental Health ventures and crowd funding in Asian countries   
FEBRUARY APAC seed funding structure and formulations Japan
  Point of care (PoC) implementation in APAC and its market potential   
  Risk evaluation and management of new drug application (NDA) for novel therapeutic products  
  Opportunities, scope and challenges of healthcare biateral trade among APAC countries  
  Are health monitoring apps and gadgets overrated?  
  Designing appropriate business models at Asian healthcare startup eco system  
March Women in Asian Healthcare space (Special Edition) India & SAARC
  Genomic medicines in the diagnosis and treatment of NCDs  
  Prospects and drives in APAC pharmaceutical e-commerce market  
  Fine tuning AI devices algorithms for transparancy in medical regulation  
  How successful is APAC in attracting western investment to biotechnology and biopharmaceutical sectors?  
  Optimum design control and clinical evaluation around medical device life cycle  
April Precision drug manufacturing and therapeutic innovations in Asia-Pacific Australia , NZL 
  Incubators and Investor relations in APAC pharma / Bio industry  
  Biomarker Testing for Cancer Treatment :: Regulating cancer progression through hormonal and immune therapies  
  Navigating through APAC healthcare pricing and reimbursement landscape (Regulatory)  
  Will 3D Printing play a reliable role in regenerative medicine?  
  Global strategic alliances approach to strengthen Asia’s healthcare ecosystem  
May Potentials at Asia Pacific active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) market China
  CAR-T therapy landscape in bolstering oncology R&D  
  Role of Blockchain in streamlining healthcare and supplychain ecosystem  
  Implantable medical devices and neurostimulator's market potentials and prospects in APAC  
  Can drug repurposing be a solution to reduce the approval cycle of pharma products?  
  Implementing Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in Asia’s healthcare landscape (shaping policies and strategic partnership)  
June Advancements in Drug Delivery Systems (DDS) solutions in APAC Honkong
  Aesthetic biomaterial trade and commerce prospects in APAC  (surgical bio-cosmetic industry)  
  Preventing Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) through Pharmacovigilance  
  APAC regulatory approval system: Challenges and Opportunities  
  Will rapid approval of COVID-19 vaccines pave the path for quick drug approvals in the future?  
  Opportunities, scope and challenges of healthcare bilateral trade among APAC countries   
July Potentials at Asia-Pacific CDMO portfolios and evaluating ideal partnership strategies South Korea
  Achieving agility at pharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing sphere  
  Promising innovations and technologies to tackle emerging AMR concerns: The APAC response  
  Enthralling CRISPR innovations in pioneering therpeutics  
  Will healthcare venture capitalisation see a surge in a post-COVID era or will face a pre-pandemic curve?  
  Overcoming the side effects of radiation therapy in cancer treatment  
August 3D cell culture systems: Mimicking human organs and disease models for drug discovery  Taiwan
  Stem cell banking and potential stem cell treatments in paediatric diagnosis  
  Role of next-Gen sequencers and analysers in cutting-edge genomic medicine research  
  CMO services in biomanufacturing  
  Can novel invitro cell-based approaches replace animal models in drug screenng & evaluation in future?  
  Clinical advancements in Diabetes vaccines   
September Generic drug manufacturing and competitiveness in Asian market Malaysia & Indonesia
  Novel trends and innovations in therapeutic medical device sphere  
  APAC venture capitalism(VC), investment and funding opportunities in biopharma sector  
  Autoimmune disease therapeutics and it's diagnostic market in Asia  
  Is medical science having an ethical balance in the cloning/transgenic arena?  
  Optimization of venture capitalism and seed-funding in APAC to accelerate RIO  
October Value addition around strategic sponsorship and market expansion at Asian CRO's Thailand
  Strategic valuation models to calculate value of Pharma and Biotech companies (Purchase and selling price evaluation)  
  Novel anti-parasitic vaccine development and their market approach (malaria, TB, Dengue, yellow fever)  
  Recent 3-D printing revolution in medical devices and diagnostic industry  
  Will the growing list of childhood vaccinations interfere with innate immunity genes in future population?  
  Implementing universal healthcare coverage  
November  Boosting grants, M&A, capitalism and endowment in Asian healthcare sector Emerging SEA Countries
  Latest advancemnets in Pharma and healthcare technology: 2022 trends  
  Implementation of platform technologies in drug discovery and vaccine manufacturing   
  Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) forecasts for MedTech and HealthTech   
  Is APAC successful in shaping Universal Health Coverage (UHC) policies   
  Current trend and development in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology  
December Premier 2022 R&D and revolutionary therapeutic solutions from Asia-Pacific  
  Role of Microfluidic chip and organ-on-a-chip (OOAC) technology in precision medicine  
  Achieving commercial success in APAC pharmaceutical and medical device markets: A survey  
  Investigating anti-competitive practices in biosimilar and generics market causing lag in market penetration   
  Is telemedicine impactful and reliable with a distant patient examination model?  
  Innovative funding models at pharma & biopharmaceutical R&D investments  

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