Perfusion: selection and testing of media
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Title: Discover media selection and testing in perfusion bioprocessing

Synopsis of white paper:

Perfusion is a cell culture process in which cells are retained in their bioreactor with constant replenishment of fresh medium. Correctly selecting and testing media is critical to finding the optimal solution for your workflow and maximizing the benefits of perfusion bioprocessing.

When selecting a media, it’s vital to consider nutrient concentration as well as format options. This includes liquid, dry powder, and dry granular such as the Gibco™ Advanced Granulation Technology (AGT™) format. These formats have their own benefits and challenges, from shipping costs, storage needs, and preparation. For successful testing of a perfusion medium, key considerations include cell line stability and equipment that meets the demands of an intensified process.

This white paper will explore how to select and test the medium that is right for your cell line. It will also take a look at the Gibco™ High-Intensity Perfusion (HIP) CHO Medium, an innovative, easy-to-use medium that can provide high titers for numerous CHO cell lines.

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