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Abbott Webinar

Abbott Webinar

Tuesday, 9th April 2019

HK time 1130 (Sydney time: 1430, India time: 0900, NZ time: 1630)

Tiffany Gabriel

Senior Business Consultant

Abbott Informatics


"There is an app for that! See how LIMS mobile applications can improve your laboratory's workflow whilst aiding in your regulatory compliance"


The mobility features of modern LIMS solutions can aid in regulatory compliance and allow labs to operate whilst on the go. Looking at a typical analyst workflow, they do not always have access to a computer right at the time of needing one. Mobile applications greatly improve laboratory workflows as users have access to the information they need at all times. For example, mobile applications can allow lab managers to check reports, assign testing or authorise results directly from their handheld devices no matter their physical location to optimize action time.


Attend this webinar to learn more about:

  • How LIMS mobile applications can aid in your compliance
  • How mobile applications can improve your laboratory workflow
  • How STARLIMS can enhance the value of your data
  • How a LIMS can support your organization on saving time and money

Speaker's Biography:

Tiffany is an experienced LIMS consultant and business analyst, responsible for implementing LIMS software solutions. She has over 15 years of experience implementing LIMS technology solutions across multiple platforms and client industries.

After receiving her Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) at the University of Newcastle, Tiffany joined Alphapharm, a generics pharmaceutical manufacturer, as a Chemist and was responsible for implementing a LIMS into their laboratory. After six years administrating the system, she joined Abbott Informatics as a consultant where she has led the implementation of STARLIMS solutions across different sectors.