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2019 Assistive Technology for Life

25 July 2019 | News | By Saradha Mani

The Largest Assisted Living Equipment and long-term Care Expo experts from governments, social welfare, medicals to compose a new episode of Taiwan's medical care industry A.I. Glasses with mounted camera from Israel creates breakthroughs in 'vision' VR Gaming for physical therapy by Slovenian Expert More than 12 themes, 200+ brands, 550+ booths and 2000+ products Watch how the latest technologies fight aging crisis and provide living needs in a better way

BSA Bureau : 2019 Assistive Technology for Life

BSA Bureau : 2019 Assistive Technology for Life

Assistive Technology for Life is the one and only professional international exhibition featuring assisted living equipment and long-term caring, and will be held at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from July 25 to July 28. There will be more than 12 themed exhibitions, 200 domestic and international brands, 550+ booths and 2000+ products to browse and experience during the event. 

Nursing and caring have been evolving as technology develops. Doctor Li Shu-jen, the founder of ATLife and the first physical therapist and expert to promote exercise and rehabilitation in Taiwan, states that 'Smart Caring Technology is a thriving field around the world. Various innovative products have been invented to improve long-term care and nursing from health care, suboptimal health care, disabilities caused by aging and long-term care'. In this expo, you will see various products like Home Care Bed designed for the patients who are permanently lying in bed and unable to flip their bodies themselves, MirrorHand that looks like an Iron Man gauntlet which provide neuro rehabilitation assistance for stroke patients, and Smart APP Mattress for elderly people which not only trains physical abilities but also detects possible accident and tracks motions with its sensor device. More than 2,000 medical and assisted living equipment will be displayed, hope to provide a better solution for the patients and people who take care of them. 

Glasses frame mounted cameras :

A.1, technology that brings the world visible to the blinds OrCam is a camera that uses A.I. image algorithm and self-driving technology. The device helps visual impairment patients to read and do everything easier with vision assist. OrCam can be simply mounted on a normal glasses frame. The user will be able to recognize people, signs and even ingredients of a product at a store by simply pointing at the object. The OrCam is also significantly smaller in size and weight than its competitors, which is a major breakthrough in global assisted living technology. 


Rehabilitate as you game :

Virtual reality sports events to support physical rehabilitations for elderly people and patients Bimeo is a physical rehabilitation device that supports post-stroke rehabilitations by making the patient to participate in virtual reality games. The tasks in the game are designed to enhance the restoration process of long-term rehabilitation. The users are able to choose the tasks and challenges that suits their needs with simple clicks in the VR interface. This VR gaming system makes the long, boring therapy less painful and more interesting, not only cares about the user's physical rehabilitations but also mental health, 

The one and only on market :

Comfort pillow that cares about the lonely hearts of modern humans Taking care of family members or patients with dementia is a challenge. Denmark company Inmu has introduced a comfort pillow to sedate and comfort the anxieties of long-term carers and patients. The pillow is made with soft and comfortable material, featuring sensory feedback and a built-in meditation music playlist to calm your mood. The soft vibration from the pillow will make you feel as comfortable as a toffler being held in arms. This product is for everyone to enjoy a relaxed and peaceful afternoon. 

Travelling abroad with the elderly no longer problematic:

Enjoy family trip with the new flight cabin simulator The number of elderly population has been increasing at an unexpected rate in the past two decades. Aging crisis has become an urgent problem. Corporation Aggregate National Federation of Associations of Physical Therapists, Taiwan has participated in the expo for three consecutive years, and will introduce flight cabin simulator in this year's event. The exhibit features in-flight wheelchairs, moving and caring techniques, easily accessible toilet assisting equipment and more. Travelling with elderly family members will no longer be problematic, even air travel. 

Elderly community residents :

An all-in-one station that provides living, transportation, education, medication, and entertainment needs Due to the lack of nursing knowledge of the carer of the patient's family members, Taiwan Ageless Construction Development Association will be presented in the exhibition for the first time. The concept is based on an all in-one function. From hardware including sanitary ware, safety handrail, emergency button, floor, lighting and furniture, to software including mental therapy, healthy diet and community service, to ingenuity features like smart safety monitoring system and dementia caring cafe. All of these are included in a sustainable all-in-one resident that supplies daily needs and medical treatments. The residents will no longer need to change their living habits due to change in their neighborhoods and environments. Instead, the residents can benefit from the facilities and services directly from the community. We will also provide house renovation consulting service to create barrier-free living space. We hope the public will find what they need for living, transport, society, education, medical service, entertainment and everything else close to their lives. 

Choose the suitable equipment to help the elderlies and disables to restore their autonomy Hearing Solution Pavilion is a new addition in this expo, where various types of hearing aids are displayed along with professional guide. This is to alert everyone to value the importance of hearing care. Participants can try different kinds of hearing aids made by domestic and foreign manufacturers.

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