Sunday, 17 November 2019

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  • DHL Singapore MD: Handling logistic challenges is critical for global life science

    MedTech |  Influencers | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 29 Jul, 2013

    Changing healthcare landscape, heightened regulatory requirements, price pressures and persistent economic uncertainties are some of the challenges faced by the global life sciences and hea...Read more

  • HealthLinx meets ovarian cancer test needs

    MedTech |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 12 Apr, 2012

    There is no reliable diagnostic blood test for ovarian cancer. The current market gold standard, CA125, is used as an aid in the diagnosis of ovarian cancer, monitoring treatment efficacy a...Read more

  • India invites Japanese firms to invest in healthcare

    MedTech |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 07 Oct, 2013

    New Delhi: Aiming at becoming one of the global manufacturing hubs, besides being a large healthcare market, India has invited Japanese companies to invest in country's healthcare sector, a...Read more

  • Swissray to invest over $20 million in Taiwan

    MedTech |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 22 Nov, 2012

    Singapore: Swissray International, a major developer and maker of medical imaging equipment headquartered in Switzerland, will invest between $20 million and $30.3 million (NT$600 million t...Read more

  • APAC medtech market valued at $55 billion: Report

    MedTech |  Analysis | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 08 Jan, 2014

    Singapore: A new report by the UBM Canon Medtech World team, has highlighted that the Asia Pacific medical technology market is valued at $55 billion, which is about a quarter of the global...Read more

  • BioDiem gets license for novel vaccine technology

    MedTech |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 08 Jun, 2012

    Singapore: Australian National University (ANU) has granted an exclusive license to vaccine development company, BioDiem, for novel technology to target infectious diseases. The first dise...Read more

  • Korea-Arizona trauma summit is underway

    MedTech |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 02 Apr, 2013

    Singapore: South Korea is trying to establish a national trauma system and is going to make several significant devlopments towards towards estabishing the same at the Korea-Arizona Trauma ...Read more

  • QIAGEN, Lepu to provide rapid emergency heart attack tests

    MedTech |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 17 Sep, 2012

    Singapore: QIAGEN announced an agreement with Lepu Medical Technology, Beijing, a leading medical device company in China, to provide QIAGEN's ESEQuant Lateral Flow System for use in emerg...Read more

  • Aussies to get breast cancer treatment analysis

    MedTech |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 07 Jan, 2014

    Singapore: Australian women will potentially have greater access to the only genomic test validated to predict whether patients with early-stage invasive breast cancer would benefit from ch...Read more

  • Coming soon: Medical implants that dissolve in body

    MedTech |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 06 Oct, 2012

    Singapore: Medical devices can dissolve themselves in bodily fluids once they have served their purpose. Science fiction, did you say? Not quite. Researchers at the University of Illinois, ...Read more

  • Apollo near deal to acquire MidCap, say sources

    MedTech |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 07 Jun, 2013

    Singapore: New York- based business loans provider Apollo Investment is nearing the closure of an agreement to buy MidCap Financial LLC, which lends to drugmakers, medical device makers and...Read more

  • FDA, industry tie up to advance regulatory science

    MedTech |  Regulatory | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 09 Jan, 2013

    Singapore: The US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) is joining hands with US life science industry to bring advancement in regulatory s...Read more

  • Vela Diagnostics collaborates with Eppendorf

    MedTech |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 18 Jun, 2012

    Singapore: Singapore's emerging company, Vela Diagnostics and Eppendorf have agreed to jointly develop an IVD RNA/DNA extraction platform. The Sentosa SX system is based on Eppendorf's wor...Read more

  • QrxPharma, Aesica expand drug delivery technology

    MedTech |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 22 Jul, 2013

    Singapore: Australia-based QRxPharma has collaborated with Aesica Formulation Development for the world-wide promotion of QRxPharma's proprietary Stealth Beadlets Abuse Deterrence technolog...Read more

  • New medtech market infographic published

    MedTech |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 10 Jun, 2013

    Singapore: Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry (MD+DI) recently published an original infographic and supporting article titled 'The Asia-Pacific medtech market will grow 10 percent over...Read more

  • Ushering a renewed hope!

    MedTech |  Analysis | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 06 Jan, 2014

    This edition of the magazine captures the leading developments, hits, and misses of 2013 and also hints at the trends that are likely to unfold in 2014. There has been no common flavor in t...Read more

  • Balloon sinus surgery now in Singapore

    MedTech |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 03 Sep, 2012

    Singapore: Acclarent, a US-based medical device company, launched balloon sinuplasty, a minimally-invasive technology for sinus surgery in Singapore. The innovative technology, based on the...Read more

  • Fovia to image cancer cells using HD volume

    MedTech |  News | By BioSpectrum Bureau  | 0 Comment | 01 Apr, 2013

    Singapore: Fovia Medical, a world leader in volume rendering technology, and Contrast Imaging, a leading Australian provider of process-effective radiology solutions, have collaborated to ...Read more